International cSound Conference Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA
October 25th-27th 2013

Join us for the
2nd International
Csound Conference

With the conference right around the corner and the schedule is up! Each day is packed full of concerns, workshops, installations, among many other amazing things. If you haven’t kept up, John Chowning and Jean-Claude Risset are confirmed for the conference as the keynote speakers and Barry Vercoe has also confirmed that he will be attending the festivities. We are also pleased to inform you that the Tom Oberheim of Oberheim Electronics and David Zicarelli of Cycling 74′ will be attending. Things are moving fast and there will be many more updates to come. Keep checking in!

Csound Conference 2013 Schedule Released
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For those participating in the ‘Trapped’ remix contest
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Berklee College of Music and the Electronic Production and Design Department @ Berklee are proud to host the 2nd International Csound Conference. Csound has evolved dramatically since its creation nearly 30 years ago, and so has the world of computer music.

  • Understanding Csound6 – What’s new and what are the new ways of working with Csound?
  • Using Csound To Make Music and Sound – What is the role of Csound in the current Computer Music, Film, Advertising, and DJ Scenes?
  • Learning Csound – Is there a place for Csound in contemporary electronic music studies? If so, then what is the place? One in many? An old way of working? A classic? Or is it Foundational and Core to a deeper understanding of techniques and technologies. How can we more effectively teach Csound and how can musicians learn to better use and appreciate Csound?
  • Csound Today and Tomorrow – How are composers, researchers, sound-designers, performers using Csound today and how would we like to use it tomorrow?

This conference looks to provide a venue for developers and users to discuss various aspects of the language through workshops, seminars, panels and live performance.

Keynote Speakers:

John Chowning
Jean-Claude Risset

You are invited to submit ideas relating to research, workshops, techniques, composition, or just hang out!